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Stand ard equipment includes, but not limited to: Conventional Cab, Tinted glass, Hand throttle control, Electric power point, Dual cab entry assist handles, Automatic engine shutdown for low oil pressure, High coolant temp and low coolant level, Transmission power takeoff opening and gear, Aluminum body exterior, Body walls lined, Interior scuff plate, Body dome light, Dock bumpers with rubber pads, an d ICC rear end protection.

471  4X2 DRY VAN, 10-16 FEET, 19501-21999 LBS GVWR

474  4X2 DRY VAN, 12-24 FEET, 22000-24000 LBS GVWR

571  4X2 DRY VAN, 12-26 FEET, 25000-26000 LBS GVWR

573  4X2 DRY VAN, 12-26 FEET, 33,000 LBS GVWR

574  4x2 DRY VAN, 14-26 FEET, 35000-39000 LBS GVWR

575  6X4 DRY VAN, 20-28 FEET, 52000-58000 LBS GVWR

771  4x4 DRY VAN, 14-24 FEET, 25000-26000 LBS GVWR

774  4x4 DRY VAN, 16-26 FEET, 35000-39000 LBS GVWR

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