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Freightliner and Truck Country

Your direct contacts for GSA service are:


GSA Program Manger

It was 35 years ago I began my career in the truck business, along the way I learned what matters to my customers. Quality products and quality service. I am proud to be associated with the Truck Country and Freightliner team as they too believe customer service is the key to a successful business relationship. Truck Country started as a one man operation in 1958 and has grown to the largest Freightliner dealer in the world by taking care of every customer and every truck that comes their way. I look forward to supporting you the same!


I am a life long resident of Wisconsin and currently reside in Milwaukee.

Drop us a note with any questions or tell us about your truck.

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Paul Hajos

Chassis Engineer/GSA Service Lead

I join the GSA Support Team with 14 years of experience working with Freightliner trucks, as well as having being honored six times as a Freightliner Leland James award winner for sales excellence. Additionally, I am a certified Freightliner Masters Sales Professional, and my areas of expertise includes: engineering new trucks, problem resolution and service/end user liaison.

A life-long resident of Wisconsin, I am married and have a daughter.


Speak with John or Paul.

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